Dr. Jason Myree

Dr. Jason came to know of God’s love and the salvation available to him through Jesus Christ by watching the lives of both of his parents where his Mom was Sunday school superintendent at Union Second Baptist Church for over 50 years and my Dad served on various ministries including the Senior User board for over 50 years. This example caused Jason accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord at an early age. 
Being called by God into ministry, Jason has been given a vision to fulfill God's purpose in the Body of Christ. He did not understand the calling that The Lord Jesus Christ had on his life and he could not explain the drawing that was pulling him to serve The Lord in a mighty way. He received his call to Preach/Teach God’s Word in 2002 and was Ordained in 2010. He has sought to prepare himself for his calling through college and seminary education. Jason has strived to proclaim the Good News of God’s love, to help others encounter Him, to lead them to Him, to nurture their spiritual development, and ministry involvement by teaching God’s Word with simplicity and understanding. His passion is to ensure that people from all walks of life understand the power and the love of God available to them through Jesus Christ. He is committed to making an Impact in the lives of people locally, globally and to help them experience victory in every area of their lives. God has also called Dr. Jason to focuses upon those who are seeking a "New Beginning," those who want to become “Christ Like,” who want to learn more about living the "God kind of Life," for those who are yearning to grow in the "Love of God," and the building of the "Indestructible Family.”


Jauwana "Lady J" Myree 

Jauwana affectionately known as “Lady J” who is an ordained minister of Christ has been married to Dr. Jason Myree for 20 years and they are parents of 8 children. She really finds joy in being a grandmother of 8 super great, grandchildren.
Lady J was raised in a God fearing home, where her Dad was the Pastor and Founder of the Alpha & Omega Reformed Missionary Baptist Church. Lady J parents worked side by side educating her siblings and her about the Love of God. They would also teach them that in order to experience the fullness of God they had to place Him first in every area of our life and because of that teaching, she accepted Him as Savior and Lord.
Lady J believes God has placed a calling on every believer’s life to walk in Love and demonstrate it by his or her actions. In her commitment to help others, she believe that it should be seen in her lifestyle and service. She founded the non- profit organization, Real Answers for Women (R.A.W.) with chapters in Detroit (2011) and Florida (2016). Real Answers for Women was created to promote unity, sisterhood, to help women who are hurting from physical and emotional abuse. 
Lady J believes R.A.W. will help women achieve greatness in their lives through positive mentor-ship, and education, which enables them to build a lifetime of fulfillment.